About Us

Atomix Padel was born in January 2021 with the aim of bringing high quality rackets to the Padel market at competitive prices compared to the big brands.

After months of testing and study, we managed to launch the store in November 2021 by offering our two flagship models, the Reactor and the Fusion.

We at Atomix operate in Italy, precisely in Treviso, where we design the graphics and decide the combinations of materials. Once the models with the selected characteristics have been defined, we test them using expert collaborators.

Only after having passed the criteria requested by us, for the production we rely exclusively on established partners in the Padel sector who also collaborate with other successful brands.

All the other parts and accessories of the brand are made in Italy. The future goals are many, in 2022 our third shovel will be released with features more suitable for mid-level players.

We also have in mind to create the Atomix ball and a simple but technical clothing line.

We will do our best and only with your support could we progress further and further.